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Balikpapan, the gateway to East Kalimantan with air and sea connections to Jakarta and other major cities of Indonesia.

On the left map-route you can see clearly the flight connected destinations from UjungPandang to Balikpapan or from Semarang to pangkalanbun.

Formerly known as Borneo, Kalimantan is the world's second largest island. The North and North-western part of the island are the East Malaysian state of Serawak and Sabah, with the newly independent state of Brunei Darusalam between them.

The tremendous outspread of jungles and wilderness, which are so rich in natural resources as timber, gas, oil and coal as well as scenic beauty - are comparable to that of a continent alone. Focal point for most visitors is the mighty Mahakam river, which meanders through thousands of kilometers through one of the worlds largest tropical rainforests, from its head water near the center of the island.The twenty main Dayak tribes - once feared as headhunters have their homes in this river basin, A remarkable varieties of plants and animals life including the famous fresh water dolphins which often accompany boats along the river make a visit to Kalimantan an enthralling venture to a different world. In year to come the Mahakam river trips are most likely to have a more modern outlook with modern crafts and all possible amenities. Unfortunately under such circumstances the Dayak village would have last their primitive charm, and a cliche scene of souvenirs shops would cluster along the riverside.

The time to take your Mahakam river trip is now...!! we hesitate to say that this tours are designed for the vigorous and adventurous visitors, but those taking these tours should be prepared for a degree of un-sophistication. River crafts have usually only one toilet on board, and sleeping accommodation is on the thin mattress, with blankets provided. If you are prepared to put up rith a little roughing up for a few days you will be guaranteed the adventure of your life time.

Tanjung Puting reserve, 415.050 hectares is situated in an ecologically diverse area of wetland, lowlands, swamp and hardwood rain forest. Borneo and Sumatra are the only places left in the world where Orang Utans (the man of the forest) still survive in their natural habitat.

Borneo /   Kalimantan  Borneo /   Kalimantan

Recommended Sample Package Tours ORANG UTAN TOUR :
  • IGA - 601 : OrangUtan Wild life & Adventure ( 06 days / 05 nights )
  • IGA - 602 : Orangutan & Mahakam Wild Life Adventure - OPTION 1 ( 08 days / 07 nights )
  • IGA - 603 : Orangutan & Mahakam Wild Life Adventure - OPTION 2 ( 07 days / 06 nights )
  • IGA - 604 : Melak Package Tour ( 05 days / 04 nights )
  • IGA - 605 : Hudoq Package Tour ( 06 days / 05 nights )


  • IGA - 606 : Mahakam Adventure Tour ( 08 days / 07 nights )
  • IGA - 607 : Mahakam Adventrue Tour ( 10 days / 09 nights )


  • IGA - 608 : East to West Jungle Trekking ( 18 days / 17 nights )
  • IGA - 609 : West to East Jungle Trekking ( 14 days / 13 nights )


More Info :

Borneo or Kalimantan is divided into four provinces :

  • East Kalimantan
  • West Kalimantan
  • Central Kalimantan
  • South Kalimantan

The itineraries that you may find of interest are listed in our tour programs are merely some sample of suggested-Package Tours which can be customized to suit your own particular point of interest.

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