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Morowali MapMorowali is a 225,000 ha nature reserve in the eastern part of Central Sulawesi province. The reserve is the only area in Sulawesi  where forests on (ultra) basic rock and limestone, are protected.

Morowali comprises several forest types: lowland alluvial forest, mountain forest, swamp forest, mangrove forest, moss forest and some secondary forest. The reserve is dominated by three high mountains: Gunung Tambusisi (2,422 m), Gunung Morowali (2,280 m) and Gunung Tokala (2,630). These mountains are separated by river valleys with steep slopes and are located in the northern part of the reserve. The southern part of the reserve comprises the so-called Morowali Plain. This 45,000 ha area includes two lakes, seasonal swamps, peat swamp and some mangrove forest. Most of the area is covered with primary forests.

Taman Morowali is home to about 5000 Wana people who live mostly by hunting and gathering, and through shifting agriculture. The park is rich in wildlife, such as anoa, maleo birds, babi rusa and the world's tiniest bat, but dense jungle is often all you'll see.

BabirusaThe Wana are the native people inhabiting the reserve. About 600 families, comprising the Wana Kajurmangka and the Wana Uewaju, still live according to their ancient traditions. The Wana Kajurmangka live in the isolated area around Gunung Rapangusulemana while the Wana Uewaju have their villages in the east of the reserve.

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