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Diving, Snorkeling in Cubadak Island

Cubadak Island - Off the beaten path in West Sumatra, Indonesia

Great Value On this jungle-covered island in West Sumatra, you’ll find monkeys, monitor lizards, pangolins, and—most surprisingly—a taste of Italian culture at Paradiso Village (doubles from $240, all-inclusive). The hotel, run by a couple from Turin, has 15 thatched-roof bungalows with loft bedrooms and a restaurant where multicourse meals include heaping plates of prawn and tomato pasta, jackfruit drizzled with palm oil, and coconut flan. The wine list features bottles from Emiglia Romana, and, as is the way in Tuscany, all meals end with a frothy espresso.

Cubadak Resort

Welcome to Cubadak Village, a cosy ambushed between jungle and lagoon clear waters.

Conveniently located two hours only from Padang International Airport, Cubadak island offers an unexpected haven of tranquility and peacefulness, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Our wooden bungalows stretched along white sandy beaches are set to welcome you with all necessary comfort.

Cubadak is of volcanic origin, has an area of 15 square km, is uninhabited except for a few isolated fishermen’s huts, and is completely covered by a native rainforest. Many kinds of birds and bigger animals live in this forest: hornbills, king fishers, monkeys, monitor lizards, dears, wild boars and many others. Excursions and walks within Cubadak’s forest provide fascinating experiences.

Cubadak is completely surrounded by a coral reef and in the sea live innumerable varieties of coloured reef fishes. As the distance between the island and Sumatra is only a few miles, the sea bordering our Village is sheltered and completely free of waves which  facilitates the practice of water sports.

Cubadak Island, Indonesia
Cubadak Cottage


How to get there?

Cubadak island is located 57 km south of Padang and a few minutes off the fishing harbour of Corocok.

Transfers from Padang Minangkabau International Airport are organized by ourselves with air-conditioned cars and our own boats. The journey all together will take you a little less than 2 hours from the airport to our waters.


Diving in Cubadak Island

Cubadak Diver
Cubadak Fish
Cubadak Scorpion Fish
Cubadak Corals

Cubadak island is located on the Indian ocean in the straight separating the western coast of Sumatra and the Mentawai islands.

The constant 29˚ C sea temperature as far as down to 30 metres guarantees a water loaded in nutriments that enable the development of a very rich biodiversity and eco-system.

The mild climate throughout the year allows us to go diving just any time in the year.

Mild currents, and the great diversity of the dive sites fit in well into our relaxation policy, making diving enjoyable for advance divers and very easy for beginners.

Flora and Fauna

A large number of coral and sponge species may be observed during the dives.

Sea fans, pipe coral, bubble coral, barrel sponges ...

The abundance of nutriments in the sea as well as the large variety of corals contribute to a significant biodiversity in terms of fish species, turtles, crustaceans or invertebrates.

Most species of tropical reef fishes are to be seen here, from groupers to trigger fishes and clown fishes, oriental sweet lips, trevallies, barracudas to only name a few.

Very colourful nudibranches are commonly seen as well as a variety of star fishes or sea cucumbers, and the more rare pleurobranches.

With respect to our location within the Mentawai straight, our zone is protected from oceanic currents and for this reason large pelagic species are not prevalent here.



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